The Stars & Lights project began with Rhode Island lighthouses which are close to our home. Once I'd finished with those, it was time to expand to the east with Massachusetts lights as well as Connecticut lights to the west. In the summer of 2014 I found myself on a business trip to Martha's Vineyard and those lighthouses were captured part way through the RI project.

In my real job I work as a freelance network TV cameraman and travel to all kinds of places, often at a moment's notice. On a Monday summer afternoon in July 2014 I got a call from CNN to do a live shot on Martha's Vineyard later that night. I had to drop everything and hustle off to catch a late afternoon ferry. The network first thought they'd need us only for one night but it was later extended an additional day which gave me two nights to explore and shoot. It was the new moon phase and I got really lucky with cloudless nights and cosmic magic. In early fall I returned to the Vineyard specifically to shoot the Cape Poge Light on Chappaquidick. 2015 was a year spent capturing twenty-five more Massachusetts lights. As of Spring 2017 there remain but three Massachusetts lighthouses to shoot, all in or near Boston harbor. I've enjoyed great cooperation from the United States Coast Guard Boston; Woods Hole; Bristol, RI, Southeast Sector Providence; the New Haven division; private landowners and public commissions. All have seen value in this project and appreciate the work and effort put into capturing the Stars and Lights. In December 2017 the works will be on display at the Newton Public Library. I hope you enjoy the collection and any can be purchased from me directly at

April 2017
AnnisquamGreat Point Milky WayPlymouth Buglight Setting MoonBoston Harbor Light BellHighland Lighthouse and AuroraSandy Neck Shooting StarSankaty Tower and Milky WayEast Chop Light and the Milky WayLong Point PortraitThacher Island TwinsStraitsmouth Island LighthouseWood End LighthouseTarpaulin Cove Shooting StarNauset TowerNobska Point FalmouthCape Poge Light, Chappaquiddick IslandCleveland LedgeBakers IslandPalmer Island PortraitBrant Point, Nantucket