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Hendricks Head Milky Way

Hendricks Head Milky Way

In August 2017 I’d read about a recent solar storm and the arrival of the Northern Lights were predicted for areas as far south as Maine. Eighteen months earlier I’d gotten permission to shoot Hendricks Head lighthouse on a cold winter night and arrived only to have the bulb not lit in the tower. I once again contacted the owner and received permission for the return visit. Skies had cleared as I arrived on the point but an offshore fog bank could be seen rolling in towards the lighthouse. I grabbed a few nice shots before the heavy dew enveloped the point. I’d grown up near the ocean and fog had always been cool, but this bank was weird because it was of warm air. The lens kept fogging up as well and the camera started weeping with the moisture making any more images nearly impossible. I moved about thirty feet to higher ground and away from the riverbank revealing a mystical and magical scene. Above the lighthouse the Milky Way was spectacular while to the right the fog continued to make its way up the river. I lit the house with one LED light and placed a second one behind the fog bell building to backlight the river fog. The new location a few feet away made a tremendous difference as moments ago it appeared my shooting was done for the night. Instead I continued making incredible photographs of the lighthouse and stars as the Aurora never quite made it as far south as predicted.
Southport, Maine July 16, 2017 11:20pm 68° 10-15mph wind
Nikon D4, 14mm lens ISO 6400 f2.8 15secs