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In February 2018, David Zapatka was invited to present the Stars & Lights project to the United States Lighthouse Society convention in New Orleans. It also offered a great opportunity to shoot a few lighthouses outside the Northeast, so he took advantage of the trip. Landing on the night of Fat Tuesday, he knew he wouldn't be able to drive to his hotel in the French Quarter due to the parades, so instead he drove east to Biloxi and Pascagoula, Mississippi to shoot. Later in the week, he hitched a ride on a local's boat to shoot the Tchefuncte River Lighthouse in Madisonville before capturing the New Canal Lighthouse in New Orleans.

In December 2017, the first book "Stars and Lights: The Darkest of Dark Nights" was released to critical acclaim, and it has won numerous national and international book awards. The Stars & Lights Project has been adopted by the United States Lighthouse Society, and David Zapatka has been named an Ambassador for the organization. We hope to continue the night photography on the national level, and soon the entire collection will be available through the USLHS website.

I hope you enjoy these photographs and any can be purchased from me directly at [email protected]

Sept 2019
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