Call it kismet. A March 2021 conversation with the United States Lighthouse Society educator Elinor DeWire led to this wonderful collaboration. Already possessing every photographic tool needed for successful night photography (cameras, lights, tripods, a boat and inflatable, a big 20-foot water tripod, and determination,) I just happened to mention to Elinor that we were missing an important ingredient: an RV to safely get to lighthouses located farther away. Happens that she and her husband, Jon, had their 22-foot 20 year old Thor Chateau sitting idle for more than two years. They've since donated "Ruthie" to the Society for use with this project. Now, here's the real kicker: Ruth was not only Elinor's mother's name, but it was my mother's name as well. Our middle daughter's middle name is Ruth. Having Ruthie already labeled on the RV was too good be true, thus Ruthie's Big Lighthouse Adventure was born.
Ruthie's Big Lighthouse AdventureRuthie's first lighthouse tripWaking at Ogdensburg Harbor Lighthouse, NYRuthie at Camden Harbor, MaineRuthie at pier near Oswego, NY West Pier LighthouseAt Uncle Sams Dock, Alexandria BayRuthie settling in for the night at Ontario Orchards via Harvest HostsRuthie at Ned's Point, Mattapoisett, MARuthie falling asleep at Ogdensburg, NY Lighthouse