David Zapatka | Connecticut Stars and Lights

There are many lighthouses in the Northeast and this collection ranges from Buffalo to the New Jersey coast. The project began near my Rhode Island home and quickly ran out of subject matter. It expanded first easterly to Massachusetts and as those lights were all photographed, expanded west to Connecticut and New York. The frustrating part of this is encountering more ambient light pollution from the larger cities and great strides have been taken to shoot on the darkest nights to maximize the stars. What you see in these photographs are what is captured by the camera and never are stars Photoshopped into the frame. It would be really easy to add the Milky Way to anyone of the images but that would run counter to my artistic and photojournalistic ethics. Most have been lit by using either dimmed LED stand lights, by a handheld flashlight, or by a combination of both. I call the images "digitally organic", an oxymoron for sure, but true. I do not manipulate any but for minor color and contrast adjustments, minor lens distortion correction, and the removal of distant airplane lights. Many of these are rare captures as few people have ever ventured to photograph these historical structures this way.

A collection of Long Island Sound images will be on display in Connecticut at the New London Maritime Society Museum thru early July. I hope you enjoy these photographs and any can be purchased from me directly at dazapper316@hotmail.com

April 2017
Stratford ShoalsGreat Captain IslandPeck LedgeFaulkner's Island LandscapeStratford Point FenceLynde Point LightGreen Ledge Reflection PortraitNew London Harbor LightSouthwest Ledge Shooting StarAvery Point LightTongue Point LandscapeSaybrook Breakwater LightStratford Point Fog#8 Lynde PointSaybrook Breakwater LightNew London Harbor LandscapeTongue Point and FerryAvery Point Light SilhouetteNew London Harbor Looking West#13 Tongue Point Westside